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Case Study: HAMAMA

From Microgreens to Macro Growth

Driving Massive Customer Acquisition

Hamama is a microgreens brand that sells DIY sprout-growing kits. Founded in 2016 by two MIT grads, the company’s mission is to enable anyone to easily grow their own nutrient-rich greens right at home using non-GMO seeds.

From a starter size to the Superfood Superstar, Hamama’s kits retail between $39 and $79 for the initial purchase, with many consumers opting in for the $17/month recurring subscription. The company also sells ancillary products, such as branded tote bags and seed subscriptions that range from $10 to $133.

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After three years of rapid growth, Hamama’s founders hit a wall. Internally managing digital customer growth wasn’t yielding the desired scale. They knew there were thousands of prospects to convert into customers, but they weren’t reaching them.


When Social Bulldog became Hamama’s growth partner, the goal was to massively increase new customer acquisition. This involved working on multiple aspects of the business, including:

  • → Simplifying product packaging
  • → Streamlining account structure
  • → Clarifying brand message
  • → Optimizing pricing

Social Bulldog also worked hand-in-hand with Hamama’s growing marketing team on innovative ways to expand and manage Hamama’s media channels, which now include Google ads and targeted emails, as well as Facebook and Instagram.


Since the Social Bulldog campaign launched in 2020, Hamama has seen a rise in sales, a decrease in cost per acquisition, and a massive spike in new customers:

Year-over-year sales have nearly tripled

The Facebook Ad spend has increased 2.52x, while the CPA has decreased 5%

A 10x jump in new customers


Thanks to the huge growth Hamama has seen since partnering with Social Bulldog, the company has successfully raised $4.4M in capital.

Social Bulldog is Hamama’s agency of record for all digital media campaigns, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, and email.


Hamama has grown so much since working with Social Bulldog that the company has expanded its facility from a 500 square foot garage to a 24,000 square foot production and distribution facility.