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Social Bulldog’s Newsletter — Black Friday ’21 Edition

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November is here so hold onto your seats as Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) is just around the corner!

Let’s start by taking a look back at November trends on the Facebook ad platform over the last several years.

Facebook Ad data compiled from 200 DTC brands spending between $50K-$1M per month in the US market* does not reveal any surprises. Between November 2 and November 29 (of 2019 and 2020), the Facebook platform saw drastic increases in the following metrics across the board.

  • → CPM increased 52%
  • → CPC increased 35%
  • → Conversion Rate increased 60%
  • → ROAS increased 40%
  • → Spend increased 60%

While many in the industry begin to panic about the increases in CPMs, we encourage our clients to keep the historical trends in mind and stay calm. As CPMs increase we’d recommend keeping an eye on CTR, conversion rates and your AOV. These tend to also see an increase and will offset any rise in CPMs.

Week over week data during this time period supports the Social Bulldog Holiday Strategy—start early! Take advantage of the low costs during the second and third week of November to start gaining momentum on your goals early in the month. A bonus to this strategy is the opportunity to gain signal on holiday ads which will launch your campaign into BFCM weekend with full force.

And be patient during that third week of November. Efficiency may dip but, again, the signal being gained during this time is invaluable.

* Data compilation and reporting has been provided by our data analytics partner, Varos. Varos has created a robust market trending analytics platform integrating real-time spend and performance data across many companies and industries.

Client Spotlight

Social Bulldog wants to extend a huge congratulations to Mented Cosmetics for appearing on Oprah’s Favorite Things for the SECOND year in a row! Oprah fans have been loving their Gloss For Grownups Holiday Box (which you can still snag on Amazon!). Congrats again, Mented, on such a well-deserved accomplishment!

The Social Bulldog team

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